OEM & ODM Order

OEM & ODM Order

We can print your logo or label on the LED lights you order!

For OEM/ODM orders of LED lighting products with your companies label and logo branding, two aspects of the LED lighting products can be customized and labeled according to your branding requirements and to match your corporate identity to perfection, namely the product label and the packing box.

For labels on the LED lighting products, there are 3x types of commonly used labels for OEM productions:

 1. Adhesive labels

2. Screen printed labels

3. Laser engraved labels

 Adhesive labels are easily doable and possible starting from ca. 500 units or more.

 Screen printed labels are doable starting from 500 units, and there are no quantity requirements for adhesive labels or laser engraving, however, we need to charge an additional fee for laser engraving of ca. US$ 0.20 per unit.

Packing boxes, especially for full-color printed boxes an order volume of 2000 units or more is needed.

Because OEM orders very often lead to a long-term cooperation, we are happy to offer branding and OEM labeling services and are open to negotiating order details and requirements on an individual basis for order volumes of US$ 10,000 or more. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information!

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Just a short message to let you know that we installed some LED tubes in one of our shops, and they’re working just fine.  Just as your diagram, 120 volt direct to the end pins, and they light up really good with a bright white color. Please find a few pictures of the flood lamps at the service station in the snow, right around the holidays.  -----from Mr. Pothier

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