China Manufacturer Factory Direct Price of Hexagon Grid Lights, Honeycomb Lights, Light Tunnels, Soft Box Lights, and Designer Lights  For Workshops Lights, Garage Lights, Car Service Centers Lights, and Car Detailing Shop Lights. Custom Size Order Welcome.

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The Hexagon Grid Lights, Honeycomb Lights, LED Tunnel Bay Lights, LED Soft Box Lights and designer Lights are perfect for your car workshop, car detailing, car washing, car repairing garages, and studios. 
We offer OEM and ODM and customized LED hexagon grid lights workshop LED lights at factory direct price! This comes with a 2-year warranty and can be shipped worldwide. 

Hexagrid Light, Light Tunnels, Soft Box Lights, and Designer Lighting

LED Hexagonal Grid and Honeycomb Lights

With its hassle-free installation and quick setup, Hexagrid LED is ideal for all vertical and horizontal surfaces.

LED Light Tunnels For Car Detailing

LED Light Tunnels Give You The Ultimate Perfection When Correcting and Polishing in your detailing workstation

LED Designer Lights In Different Shapes

LED Designer Lights In Different Shapes, Diamond, Strip, Arrow, Hexagon, Hexagonal, Square, Rectangle, etc.

LED Soft Box Panel Lights

The Flood Box a perfect focal piece for any commercial or private building, space or venue with its brilliant 6500K White Light and 110-120 lm/w Luminous flux rating

LED Color Match Lights

Car Detailing Tools Car Paint Checking Color Match Scan Swirl Finder Grip Work Light

Hexagrid Lighting Installation Guide

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