LED bulbs MSR

LED bulbs MSR

SinoStar’s MSR LED UFO High Bay Light is the optimal replacement for the CFL/HID/HPS bulbs commonly found in high bay fixtures that light warehouses, gymnasiums, shopping centers, and more. No need to replace the fixture – simply bypass the ballast that’s powering the fixture, screw in the E27/E26/E39/E40 base MSR UFO High Bay and restore power. Reduce maintenance costs and slash your energy bill with the high quality, uncompromising light of this commercial grade bulb. This industrial bay light has a die cast aluminum body with white finish.

SinoStar High Power T Shape LED bulb Metal Halide Lamp (MHL) / High pressure sodium lamp (HPS) Energy Saving Lamps
30W 75W 60W
60W 125W 120W
70W 150W 150W
95W 200W 200W
120W 250W 250W
150W 400W 300W

SinoStar Lighting High Power LED Mushroom Shape bulbs are widely used in the place the existing traditional lamp or bulbs with existing fixtures, including an indoor and outdoor plaza, stadium, all sorts of commercial squares, industrial facilities, mines or highways.

These bulbs are made of high-grade aluminum die-casted housing which provides superior heat conductivity compared to plastic and aluminum wrapped bulbs.  You can order SKD parts together with PC cover, plastic driver housing, drivers (IC controller linear driver or the constant current driver with high Power Factor (>0.90) and thick aluminum PCB with LED mounted to assembled in your own factory and saving the import duty.


Our monthly production quantity is up to 200,000pcs, you are welcome to place large and regular OEM order with us.

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