LED bulbs E

LED bulbs E

SinoStar Lighting A Shape LED bulbs is a type of solid-state lighting device that uses LEDs as a light source for indoor or outdoor illumination. The A-shape LED light bulb is the classic and standard type of light bulbs that is still the most extensively used type for general-purpose lighting applications.

They are also called GLS (General Lighting Service) bulbs. A light emitting diode (LED) is a device for transferring electricity to light by making use of a principle in which, if a current flow in a forward direction through a junction region comprised of several different semiconductors, electrons and holes are coupled at the junction region to generate a light beam.

An LED consists of a semiconductor junction which emits light in response to an electrical current flowing through the junction. The LED comes with an advantage that it is resistant to shock, and has a virtually eternal lifetime under a specific condition; that is why the LED bulb is expected to be a cost-effective yet high quality illumination device.

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