UVC AI Automatic Sterilizing Robot

UV Sterilizing Robot For Hospitals, Shopping Mall, Restaurants, Subway, Nursing Homes, Kindergartens, School

UV Sterilizing Robot is an efficient and environmentally friendly disinfection product. As one of the most effective disinfection methods for COVID-19, the product has the obvious advantages of high efficiency, broad-spectrum, thoroughness, no drug resistance, and no secondary pollution. It can be used in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, shopping malls, restaurants, subway cars, and other places.

  • Automatically start disinfection within the specified time
  • Automatically re-charging when the power goes low
  • VSLAM + laser SLAM flexibly match stable operations
  • Remote automated deployment, convenient and efficient
  • Can be linked with the ladder control system, work across floors, more worry-free

UVC Sterilizing Robot 140UV Sterilizing Robot 191

UV Sterilizing Robot 3


Intelligent UV disinfection lamp, efficient, safe, and pollution-free:

  • 6 pcs ultraviolet lamps can effectively kill more than 95% of bacteria and viruses on the surface of the environment, effectively reducing the risk of cross-infection
  • Remote control, custom working hours, automatic disinfection tasks at a specified time, free of setup and maintenance
  • Autonomous path planning, real-time data monitoring to avoid the problem of disinfection failure caused by attenuation of irradiation intensity
  • Intelligent sensor design, add human body sensors inside the robot, when someone approaches, automatically stop ultraviolet disinfection
  • Ultraviolet Sterilization Technology
  • 254nm wavelength ultraviolet technology
  • High sterilization rate
  • Automatically Set Working Time
  • Autonomous operation
  • Automatically start disinfection task within a specified time
  • Automatic Recharge
  • Automatically re-charging when the power goes low
  • Autonomously Taking Lift Function
  • Independently taking elevators (Optional September 2020)


Mobility Autonomous mobile indoor navigation
Moving Speed 0.2 ~ 1.5 m/s
Number of Lamps 6 pieces
Lamp Power 180W (30W/piece)
Battery Type 20A
Battery Operating Time 2.5-3 hours
Battery Charging Time 8 hours
Dimensions 54 cm x 36 cm x 153 cm
Weight ≈ 43 kg

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