High Power Single-Ended 4 Pins UV Germicidal Lamp

High Output (HO) germicidal UV lamps are similar in size and shape to conventional UV lamps but are capable of operating at higher UV output. SinoStar’s germicidal lights have been widely used in forced air duct systems and water disinfection applications. High Output (HO) Ozone producing lamps are often found in odor control and photochemical applications. Available in Low Ozone and Ozone Producing versions.

Single ended 4 pins UV germicidal high power lamps with sleeves


High UV output than regular UV lamps, suitable for large-scale water treatment; Photocatalysis decomposes organic matter in the water; Matched ballasts stable the performance of UV lamps and improve the efficacy.


High UV output than normal UV lamps, suitable for large-scale water treatment


Order Code Diameter Length
Base Face to Face
Wattage  Lamp Voltage Lamp Current  UV Output @1M Base 
Ozone Free Ozone Producing mm mm W V mA µW/cm² Code
SS80D19W-Z846 SS80D19Y-Z846 19 846 80 100 800-1200 240-270 G10q
SS120D19W-Z1149 SS120D19Y-Z1149 19 1149 120 110 800-1200 290-350 G10q
SS150D19W-Z1554 SS150D19Y-Z1554 19 1554 150 170 800-1200 380-450 G10q
SS250D19W-Z1554 SS250D19Y-Z1554 19 1554 250 145 1600-1800 3000 G10q

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