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We are a manufacturer of various LED tube lights for offices, residential, homes, shops, display boards, advertisement signs, parking lots, etc.

LED tube lights are an easy and effective way to save energy without having to spend hours installing fixtures. Many fluorescent tubes, including the old F32T8 and F15T8, are still used today. To meet this need, we offer LED T8 bulbs, LED T5 bulbs, and U Bend T8 & T12 replacement tubes.

Lighting stores, garages, warehouses, offices, grocery stores, and other places where LED fluorescent tubes need to be replaced. Our LED fluorescent tube selection includes T8 and T5 fluorescent tubes in ballast bypass, line voltage, ballast compatible, and Type A+B hybrid tubes.

We also provide a PIR sensor, and a Microwave Radar Sensor built-in in our LED tube lights that will save more energy and electricity bills. 

360° T10 LED Tube Lights

360 Degree T10 R17D/HO/G13 Base, LED Outdoor Tubes for Double Sided Signs 10W, 14W, 18W, 24W, 32W, 36W, 42W, 46W, UL, CE

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