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20PCS Auto Bulb Kit H1, H4 and H7

20PCS Auto Bulb Kit H1, H4 and H7

1 x H1 12V55W P14.5s
1 x H4 12V60/55W P43t
1 x H7 12V55W PX26d
2 x P21/5W S25 12V21/5W BAY15D
1 x P21W S25 12V21W BA15S
1 x PY21W S25 12V21W BAU15S AMBER
1 x W1.2W T5 12V1.2W W2.1x4.5D
1 x C5W T11X36 12V5W SV8.5
1 x R10W G18 12V10W BA15S
1 x R5W G18 12V5W BA15S
2 x T4W T8.5 12V4W BA9S
3 x W5W T10 12V5W W2.1x9.5D
1 x ATC FUSE 10A
1 x ATC FUSE 15A
1 x ATC FUSE 20A

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